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WorkFit (Work Conditioning/Work Hardening)

Our WorkFit program is our answer to the industry’s Work Conditioning/Work Hardening offerings. Through WorkFit, we are hoping to provide early intervention, which reduces time missed from work and promotes quicker healing.

Our WorkFit program is an intensive, goal oriented program aimed to help the patient return to work as quickly as possible. We utilize a comprehensive treatment approach focusing on improving strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and work abilities. Most WorkFit patients attend 3-5 days per week for 3-4 hours per day. This allows us to transition the patient from acute physical therapy back into the work force by simulating work specific duties.

Throughout the program, we communicate the patient’s capacity, limitations, and progress to the physician, the employer, and the insurance provider so that all parties have a clear picture of how well the patient can perform the specific job.

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