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Rehab Aftercare

This program is designed for, but not limited to, patients that have been discharged and could benefit from continued strengthening, stretching and conditioning.

Patients receive an individualized treatment program, designed by their therapist, to further address strength deficits, muscle imbalances/flexibility issues to meet their needs that will be updated by the therapist on a regular basis. Through utilization of various activities including Pilates equipment, dynamic flexibility training, and aerobic conditioning we can assist you in achieving any of your health care goals. There is also access to a weight loss program called Ideal Protein, which can assist in transforming your body into your dream.

Patients are no longer required to have a doctor’s referral for this program.

Fitness Programs

Haven’t you ever wanted to have a fitness program designed specifically for you without those high-priced trainers? For an economical fee, you can receive a one-on-one consultation to develop an individualized, detailed exercise and diet program to reach your goals. Programs can be tailored to meet demands of everyone from the young and athletic to those looking to become more active and live a more fulfilling life.

The program will be updated or modified as needed by our physical therapist.

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